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Security is Our Business

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) surveillance plays a key part in your business security. No matter whether you’re in retail, banking, freight and logistics, manufacturing, or any other type of business, CCTV is your silent partner, operating 24/7.

If you want to monitor potential security issues, such as illegal entry, burglaries, staff theft, stock shrinkage, damage and vandalism, or employee health and safety, CCTV can help.

A CCTV system installed by Guardian Fire and Security can help secure and monitor your premises. They not only act as a deterrent but, if they are integrated with your security system, can also alert you if an incident occurs. Additionally, CCTV footage provides valuable evidence of events for prosecution or insurance claims.

Skilled and experienced technicians

Our team are trained and skilled technicians, who will work within your guidelines and budget to design a monitoring solution that provides both excellent value and gives you complete peace of mind.

Guardian Fire and Security have helped many businesses in the Port Macquarie area with reliable, up to date security monitoring systems, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

School CCTV Installation
Port Macquarie Airport CCTV

Analogue & Digital IP Security Cameras

Our staff are confident with all types of security systems, including analogue CCTV cameras, which record images on a recorder in digital format. They are also familiar with the installation of IP CCTV cameras, which transmit the video signal over a network or the internet. No matter which option works best for you – we’ve got you covered.

Size is no problem either. We’ve installed systems in homes, businesses and industrial premises, ranging from 10 cameras through to 200+.

Ask Guardian Fire and Security about CCTV

Ask us for a no-obligation assessment of your premises. We will recommend the best equipment if you wish to increase your existing CCTV coverage or install an entirely new system.

We can also provide onsite training for your staff, to ensure your CCTV equipment and software is used effectively.

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